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Ness in Namibia (3)

One big open-air studio

Internationally renowned for its barren desert landscape, Namibia also offers immense diversity of other settings, from rural to urban, beach scenery, misty coastal towns, seas of sand dunes, ghost mines, German architecture to traditional villages and mud huts. Furthermore, due to the changing climate conditions found throughout the expansive mass of land that is Namibia, the country provides a wide range of possible weather types.


360° Filming

Namibia offers motion picture industry infrastructure and low-cost, high-quality services. Filming permissions are easily obtainable, especially with the help of a local production company. Unlike many European countries, Namibia has a very welcoming approach to filming in public areas such as on streets and highways.


With opposite seasons to the Northern hemisphere, Namibia’s climate of low average rainfall, with long daylight hours and an average of 300 days of sunlight per year, makes this country an ideal filming location.


Save money

Labour costs in Namibia, for experienced crews, are considerably lower than the cost of bringing in foreign crews. We also have low production costs and tax benefits for foreign companies working through a local production company, not to mention our favourable exchange rate.


Highly qualified professionals

Namibian crew are renowned for their positive attitude, motivation, and dedication. Due to Namibia’s ever expanding film industry, Namibian crew not only have the qualifications in their field, but also the necessary experience. Namibia’s film crew and technicians are multilingual and have international production experience.



Namibia has companies that specialise in high-quality equipment rental.



Namibia is a politically stable country with low crime incidents and friendly, helpful people.

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