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FILMING Locations


The variety of Namibian film locations are renowned throughout the world and has lent themselves as backdrops to international films, commercials, documentaries and stills productions. From the oldest desert in the world with its gravel plains and rolling dunes, to the waterways of the Caprivi, Namib Film has a long list of locations able to telling your story.

Below are a few simple descriptions of what is on offer:

•  sheer mountains and rocky outcrops
•  sandy beaches with golden or volcanic coloured sand
•  endless belts of dunes and deserts
•  bounteous wild-life, bird-life and fishing options
•  long and winding roads through changing landscapes
•  sun drenched savannah with freely roaming wildlife
•  forests of trees – from “petrified” to “lush”
•  scenic lakes, rivers and oases
•  abandoned ghost towns


Abandoned Towns