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Film Production & Location Services in Namibia

Year Old Desert
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Never underestimate the advantage of local knowledge

Namib Film was founded in 2000 and we started with humble beginnings by scouting locations for visiting producers and providing location logistics for various productions. From there onwards, we have built from strength to strength with a vast array of productions through our door. Namib Film is the Namibian based company that has facilitated Hollywood studio films, and proved to be the facilitator of choice for major Bollywood productions that have passed through Namibia.


Namibia offers immense landscape diversity; from rural to urban, beach scenery, misty coastal towns, seas of sand dunes, ghost mines, German architecture, to traditional villages and mud huts.


Remote Filming now provides you with a unique service where you can see what the camera sees, wherever you are in the world, using on-set/on-location cameras and a secure connection.

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With several Hollywood and Bollywood studio films under our belt, Namibia is fast becoming the place to film! All commercial filming projects in Namibia are regulated. All visiting productions are required by law to work through a local registered entity who will apply for a filming permit as well as work visa, this also includes documentaries and still shoots.

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Part of the allure of Namibia is that it's four countries in one.

Four different landscapes, each with its own characteristics and attractions.

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What Namibia & Namib Film Have to Offer

Namibia’s expanse encompasses of the world’s highest sand dunes, the largest single piece of meteor on earth, weighing 66 tonnes, the world’s oldest desert, and the world’s second largest canyon. With so much diversity to offer, we've seen it all - from large Hollywood productions filming in Namibia to local corporate, commercial, and photographic work.


It is often a daunting experience to film in a foreign country and having a reliable production company on the ground makes it a great deal easier. At Namib Film, we understand, anticipate, and meet every need so that the production company never miss a beat. Using our local knowledge and skills; we are here to help you tell your story!

Marble Surface
Ryan Hill - Producer
Still Life Projects - USA

Our shoot was challenging and the conditions were tough but Namib Films anticipated everything we needed from the start which left us free to focus on the creative rather than fretting about logistics and permits— everything was already taken care of.

Debbie Tuff - Production Manager
BBC2: Serious Desert

Namib Film’s extensive knowledge of local facilities and experience of working with film crews on major productions were a great asset to our series. Always friendly and helpful, nothing was too much trouble.

John Moore - Director
Twentieth Century Fox: Flight Of The Phoenix

I cannot speak highly enough of Namib Film: they are the real deal and no one can touch them in that part of the globe. 

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